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At T Design Studio Limited, we're not just architects; we're visionaries, creators, and builders of dreams. Located in the heart of London, our passion for architectural design knows no bounds. With a reputation for excellence, innovation, and creativity, we have been serving clients across the UK with dedication and distinction.



Our track record speaks for itself. T Design Studio Limited is BUILD MAGAZINE 2023 award-winning architectural design company, recognised for pushing the boundaries of innovation and design. Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to bringing your architectural dreams to life.


You may live in either a terraced Victorian House or a detached country house and feel frustrated about not having enough space. Also, you are about to buy your house and would like to have extra space and a new design & layout. As residential architectural designers, we will definitely convert the cramped reality into a dream.

As the demands of life have changed, expectations from our houses have evolved a lot. We can help you to get extra space by rear extension, side extension, porch, loft conversion, two-storey rear extension or a combination of them. Whatever you are looking for, our expert residential architectural designers will help you in detail.

Navigating the planning application process can be a challenge, but it's where we excel. We specialise in various application types, including:
















A new-build home is a big deal for investors and owners with lots of back-land developments popping up all over the UK. Undertaking a new build and stamping your own individuality on every aspect of the design can be an overwhelming challenge and a never-ending struggle. 

We can unlock your back-land unseen potential with our visionary architectural designers. As new-build architectural designers, we’ve achieved impressive results by delivering exceptional bespoke new-build homes and securing planning permissions for unprecedented and quite exceptional projects throughout London and the UK.

We will maximise your chances by finding the critical points between your council’s planning policies and your project guidelines.



Investing in a new-build home is significant, with back-land developments on the rise in the UK. We can help you unleash your back-land's potential with our expert architectural designers, achieving remarkable bespoke homes and securing planning permissions. We excel in aligning your project with council planning policies for the best results.

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It is definitely normal that your planning approval has been already granted but you have no idea how to work your interior. Selecting materials and combinations can be stressful.

Our designer team will arrange a meeting on site and get the all information from you. Whether you worked with us at the planning stage or not, our professional team will help you to select and collect the right palette for your project.

We will prepare a 2D set of drawings, 3D visuals and walkthrough animation for your project so that you will live inside your house before you build it.

It's common to have planning approval but struggle with interior decisions. Our designer team will meet you on-site to gather information. Whether we were part of your planning stage or not, our professionals will assist in selecting the right palette. We'll also provide 2D drawings, 3D visuals, and walkthrough animations to help you visualise your project.

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Unfortunately, the stressful part of the process does not end with the planning approval. Before you start the construction, you need to arrange another step with an additional set of drawings and calculations.

Whether you worked with us from the beginning or not, our residential architectural design team will help you to prepare all the detailed drawings and calculations for your project. If you have worked with us from the beginning, of course, it is much better for both sides!

We can help you with detailed technical and building regulation drawings, arranging the building control company and get in touch with the structural engineer to get the steel, foundation and other structural calculations and details.



The stressful part doesn't end with planning approval. Before construction, you need more drawings and calculations. Whether you started with us or not, our residential design team will assist with detailed drawings and calculations. Working together from the start is ideal. We handle technical drawings, building regulations, and liaise with the structural engineer for you.

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